LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas voters have passed Issue 2, a constitutional amendment on voter ID.

With 77% of precincts reporting late Tuesday night, the vote was 80% for and 20% against.

The measure adds as a qualification to vote that a voter present certain valid photographic identification when casting a ballot in person or casting an absentee ballot.

Issue 2 changes Article 3 of the Arkansas Constitution to amend the qualifications residents must meet in order to vote in an election in this state.

Passage of the amendment will: 

Require legislators to pass a law establishing that voters must present photo identification before receiving a ballot to vote in person. Residents voting by way of an absentee ballot would be required to enclose a copy of a valid photo identification with their ballot.

Require legislators to establish what photographic identification voters may use.

Require the state to issue photo identification at no charge to a voter who does not have identification that meets the requirements established by legislators.

Allow a voter without valid photo identification to vote using a provisional ballot, with the ballot counting only if the voter follows the steps required by state law to certify the ballot.

Allow legislators to create exceptions to the requirement that voters show valid photo identification when voting in person or through absentee ballot.

Require voters to comply with all additional laws regulating elections necessary for their vote to be counted.

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