Issue three, a change to citizen-initiated amendments


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Issue three makes several changes to citizen-initiated amendments.

The number of counties to get signatures changes from 15 to 45, those in favor say they believe grassroots campaigns will be serious if they can achieve these results.

“I think it’ll make a difference for cool grassroots changes to our constitution I think that’s a great way to go,”

But opponents of issue three believe this will have the exact opposite effect.

“The way that this law will change there’s no way, no way a grassroots group can ever get anything on the ballot ever.”

State Senator Trent Garner believes issue three will lessen the impact of out of state money trying to make changes.

“The constitution shouldn’t be the document that can be changed by having a dollar amount,”

Melissa Fults with Protect Arkansas Voices says the rules that would be in place force any campaign to have a war chest just to try to make it on to the ballot.

“All they have done is make it for only big money can get on the ballot.”

The one aspect of issue three that both sides agree on is allowing enough time for there to be challenges before election day so there are no dead issues on the ballot like there have been in the past.

“This allows people to know they are going to public one issue count, what issues are on there, and make an informed decision whether they support something or not.”

“I don’t have a problem making it for they have to challenge it in an earlier date.”

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