Statewide Mayor Runoff Election Results

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Four other cities elected new mayors on Tuesday night.

In addition to the Little Rock mayoral race won by Frank Scott Jr., there were votes counted in Cabot, Jacksonville, Russellville and Searcy.

Here are the results:

Cabot Mayor
Ken Kincade (IND) - *Winner* 1,735, 57%
Bill Cypert (IND)                       1,304, 43%

Jacksonville Mayor
Patrick Thomas (IND)                  756 votes, 31%
Bob Johnson (IND)  -  *Winner*  1,689 votes, 69%

Russellville Mayor
Randall Horton (IND) - Incumbent 1,163, 41%
Richard Harris (IND)  - *Winner*    1,683, 59%

Searcy Mayor
Kyle Osborne (IND) - *Winner* 2,036, 82%
Kyle Reeves (IND)                       439, 18%

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