The race for District 2 pushing on closing in on election day


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — We are less than a week away until election day and although there is plenty of voting going on in Arkansas, candidates are still out there making their cases. One race in Arkansas pushing hard, is the race to represent district two in congress, French Hill and Joyce Elliott are campaigning as hard as they can.

Only six days away from election day and the race for district two is still hotter than ever, and many political analyst sites have made this race much closer than even two months ago. Today inside elections even now calling this one a toss-up, both candidates still on the trail.

Today democratic candidate Joyce Elliott received the public endorsement from a former heavy hitter in Arkansas, Former governor Mike Beebe.

“I’m really humble and happy to have former governor Mike Beebe endorse our campaign. Known him for a long time and we work together for a long time.” said St. Sen. Joyce Elliott.

Incumbent republican French Hill has gotten his fair share of endorsements of late as well including attorney general Leslie Rutledge.

“Well I appreciate local elected officials go to work with me for six years and endorsing me with her during the state legislature or they work and hold a county office or a city office because those are people I work with every day.” said Rep. French Hill.

It’s been a heated campaign for both but they still do have their jobs as lawmakers to handle. For Elliott, that’s in the state legislature and in D.C for Hill.

“I have to just remember when I got in wrong I was gonna have to you know give us some things like sleep and I’m not in a position, I still was a state senator and I can’t stop working for the people of Arkansas.” said Elliott

“I think congressman and congresswomen are experts at scheduling and juggling all their commitments and it just makes it more fun.” said Hill

Both candidates will be pushing their message to voters throughout district two right up until November third.

“But every day between now and election day will be able to trying to interact with voters till our message we’ve got a full-court press we got folks volunteers all over the seven counties doing that work every day.” said Hill

“But I’m gonna be crisscrossing the district and going to these polling places hoping I see people, reminding them about what’s at stake and how I am so pleased that they are participating,” said Elliott.

Both candidates also thrilled at the early voting turnouts and will be encouraging people to get to the polls to have their votes cast right up until 7:30 on November third.

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