Here is the rhyme from this week’s Zoo & A:

These omnivores have no tail, but great balance. 

Traveling in trees, far taller than a window valance. 

Raising their arms above their head for stability, 

There’s no question of their apt agility.

Smaller of their kind with fur soft & thick 

The answer is above – it’ll be quick! 

Some additional facts about gibbons Karen shared with FOX16 are:

  • Patty is named after St. Patrick’s Day, when she was born.
  • Goblin is named that, because he was born on Halloween – which is when he will turn 3!
  • The little baby will stay with its parents until about 7-9 years old. 
  • Gibbons live to 25 years old on average in the wild and to their 40s in captivity.
  • They are endangered primarily due to habitat loss…influenced by the palm oil industry.
  • Found in Malaysia, Cambodia & Laos. Historically, they were found in China, but probably are extinct there. If not extinct, then there are only very few of them left.