Actor Jason Biggs joins “The Masked Singer” panel tonight


(FOX)- “Outmatched” star Jason Biggs joins “The Masked Singer” as a guest judge this week and is very confident in his guessing skills.

“I feel like I put some good guesses together, one in particular, that I feel like, listen too soon to say I might have gotten it right,” Biggs says.

Biggs learned how the show’s level of secrecy adds to the competition.

“Especially for the contestants,” says Biggs. “You’re working in a real bubble. I mean, it’s very isolating. So when they come out on stage and they just let it all out, it’s really interesting and just psychologically, something about having a mask on and being hidden, how that makes people really go for it.”

The actor really feels right at home on this panel.

“Robin, Ken, Jenny, they’re all hilarious and it’s just really fun to be up there,” Biggs says. “I felt like I just kind of dropped in nicely and it all felt very organic. I mean, listen, I’m not saying I should be, you know, the next judge, full-time judge on the show, but I’m kind of saying I should be the next full-time judge on the show.”

If he were to join as a contestant, he knows which costume he’d choose.

“I’d be a llama,” says Biggs. “Yeah, throw people off. Well, that’s the thing, you don’t want to do something obvious. You know, so I feel like I’d be a llama. I’d go llama. Go llama or go home.

You can watch Biggs Wednesday on “The Masked Singer” and Thursday on “Outmatched” on Fox16.

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