Arkansas COVID nurse living dream as actress


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A movie, mostly shot in Arkansas could soon be gracing a streaming service near you.

One of the stars of the film is an Arkansas nurse, who has a passion for taking care of people and also keeping them entertained. 

Shamber Uzuh is a registered nurse by day and actress by night.

“I just knew that I was going to school and do performing arts when I graduated from high school but something led me to nursing,” Uzuh said.

Nursing was a profession that has helped her fund her love of acting. Uzuh plays Keisha in the romantic comedy ‘Good guys finish last’ as a love interest of the main character.

Uzuh has a long list of stage productions, including at ‘The Rep’  in Little Rock, and this film is not her first film either.

“I was in a feature film that was filmed in Philly called Hollywood, I’ve been in several short films around little rock and I just filmed a short film in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Uzuh who worked as an ICU nurse at UAMS, became a traveling nurse after COVID hit and is currently working in Atlanta. 

“I wanted to help on a grand scale as far as travel nursing because there were so many places that needed nurses and they needed them bad because of the shortage during COVID,” Uzuh said.

Uzuh managed to film a movie while working on the front lines. she says much of the film — by Little Rock native, Sejames Humphry was shot in arkansas.  

“Sejames Humphry wrote the film during COVID, he produced it, he funded it totally and he cast 90 percent of Arkansas actors,” Uzuh said. 

The plan now is to market the film to streaming services and see which one bites.

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