LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — It’s official. Topgolf is driving its way to the capital city for its second Arkansas location. Mayor Frank Scott Jr. made the announcement Wednesday morning after years of trying to bring the electronic driving range to Little Rock.

Topgolf’s multi-story driving range will bring approximately 300 new jobs to the area. There is no exact location chosen yet for where or when it will be built yet, but wherever it ends up, golf fans are eager and ready to improve their game.

“I’m for it. I’m all in for the drive,” said Cruise Smith who lives in Little Rock. When Smith heard of a Topgolf coming into the area, he said he’s willing to give it a swing.

“Golf has always been an interesting sport to me. I just never always got to it,” Smith said.

Though Central Arkansas has its share of golf courses, he feels the attraction which brings in 30 million customers every year worldwide will offer something new.

But Topgolf is not the only hi-tech driving range slated to open in the metro area.

Last month, North Little Rock’s mayor announced the Malys Entertainment Center will open in late 2023 on the former site of Wild River Country. In addition to a similar driving range, it will feature bowling and an arcade area.

Jaiwana Jenkins lives in North Little Rock and said that’s where she would go.

“It’s going to have more of a tech entertainment, and that sounds more exciting because there is more things that you can do,” Jenkins argued.

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. is optimistic both locations can serve central Arkansas.

“We are pretty big, we are close to somewhere between 700,000 to a million people, and so I think we can do more than one thing at once,” he told our station.

The mayor added if there’s one thing attracting big business and golf have in common, it’s persistence, but only time will tell if both entertainment venues are able to keep their profits on par.

According to Smith, “As long as you find that right swing, you’ll drive right there where it’s supposed to be.”

When asked about the exact location of Topgolf, Mayor Scott said the company will be making that decision “pretty soon”.

Scott first reached to Topgolf days after being elected into his office in 2018. He had hoped the company would bid for a space in War Memorial Park, but no one did. Topgolf said in 2020, they were not ready to commit due to the pandemic. That same year Topgolf opened its first Arkansas location in Rogers. Little Rock would be its second.