LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Clinton Presidential Center will be seeing some prehistoric patrons when June comes around.

The Dinosaur Explorer exhibit will be coming to the Clinton Presidential Center starting on June 8. The exhibit will feature an interactive experience that will give visitors a chance to learn about dinosaurs and look at them through the lens of modern history.

“We are thrilled to welcome dinosaurs back to the Clinton Center,” Clinton Foundation Executive Director Stephanie Streett said. “Dinosaur Explorer will offer visitors a fun, interactive experience and an opportunity to learn more about these magnificent creatures. Our previous dinosaur exhibit was a visitor favorite, and we hope this new exhibit will be as well.”

This area of the exhibition will have fossils that were given to President Bill Clinton during his time in office and props from “Jurrasic Park.”

“In addition, we will explore the connections between U.S. presidents and dinosaurs,” Dr. Jay Barth, director of the Clinton Presidential Library, said. “Specifically, our staff is curating a special section that highlights the Antiquities Act of 1906 and President Bill Clinton’s efforts to protect fossil-rich areas where dinosaurs once roamed. We’ll also take a look at the fascinating role of dinosaurs in the pop culture of the 1990s.”

Dinosaur Explorer was created by Imagine Exhibitions in collaboration with Dr. Gregory M. Erickson, one of only 150 full-time professional dinosaur paleontologists in the world.

The exhibit will close on Oct. 1.

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