LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Little Rock teenager is bringing all the Halloween scares Tuesday with a haunted house he made all on his own. He said he has been doing this for about eight years but this year is his best one yet.

“It’s awesome,” Jack Moore said. “I start laughing and I get really excited because it’s just really funny and they are like running away screaming.”

Every year for the past eight years, Jack Moore has put on a haunted house for Halloween.

“I have always loved Halloween,” he said. “Whenever I was a baby, I loved it.”

Each decoration and room of the haunted house was created entirely by the eighth grader.

“So, I start planning the next year’s probably the day after Halloween, but I start building it and everything around July or so,” Moore explained.

 “It’s new every year. Everything in it is new,” he said. “There is nothing similar. You might find some similar props, but you won’t find anything that’s the same as last year”.

Jack said he is already planning for next year and the year after to continue making the haunted house the best it can be.