LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas Powerball players will soon have a chance to start the week playing the lottery, with drawings now being three times a week.

Starting Aug. 23, the Powerball Product Group will add Monday nights to their weekly drawings in hopes of creating larger and faster-growing jackpots, according to Eric Hagler, executive director of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.

“America’s jackpot game is picking up the pace to deliver bigger jackpots to our players,” Hagler said. “Players have let us know they want to play for bigger jackpots, and we want Powerball to deliver on their expectations.”

According to the Arkansas Press Association, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has raised more than $1 billion in proceeds for scholarships and awarded more than $650,000 scholarships since 2009,

“Life-changing jackpots produce more than just lottery winners,” Hagler said. “Proceeds from draw game sales drive more money for scholarships, plus our retail partners receive a commission when a player cashes in a winning ticket that was sold at their store.”

The weekly drawings will now be on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights and the jackpot for Saturday night’s drawing is $290 million.

Hagler says adding the third drawing will not change the odds of the game or the set cash prizes. After each drawing, the winning numbers can be viewed at or