LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – $830 million — the anticipated jackpot in the July 26 Mega Millions drawing — is a lot of money. It is, as they say, “A big pile of money.”

How big, exactly, is $830 million?

• 18,298 pounds

If you took home your winnings in $100 bills, you would have 18,298 pounds of bills. A single-axle semi-truck should be able to carry this, with some extra room. A large African elephant weighs about 15,000 pounds, in comparison.

332 cubic feet

In $100 bills, $1 million is .4 cubic feet, a little bit less than the capacity of a typical briefcase. But that amount scaled up for $830 million is 332 cubic feet, about four backyard garden sheds.

• 2,975 feet tall

Again in $100 bills, $1 million dollars is 43 inches tall, meaning 830 times that is 2,975 feet. The tallest building in Arkansas is the 40-floor Simmons Tower in Little Rock at 547 feet, meaning your $830 million stack of $100 bills is taller than five, almost five-and-a-half Simmons Towers. To put it another way, Mount Magazine is the tallest peak in Arkansas at 2,753 feet, meaning you would be very close to a Mount Magazine stack of $100 bills.

80,427,000 miles

Take your $100 bills and tape them together, end-to-end: For each $1,000,000 you will have a 9.69-mile-long stretch of bills. No need to stop there, however, you just won Mega Millions, so you tape all 8.1 million $100 bills together for a line 80,427,000 miles long. This line of bills would wrap around the earth 10,000 -plus times, 10,158 times to be more precise.