If you haven’t purchased a Mega Millions ticket, now might be a good time. The Mega Millions jackpot has increased to $515 million for Friday night’s drawing. 

If the lucky winner were to pick the cash option, they would receive $346.3 million, before taxes. If an Arkansan were to win the big prize, they could either take home an average of $17,166,667 per year for 30 years or a lump sum of $350,200,000. 

As of now, this is the ninth-largest jackpot in the game’s history. If the jackpot is not claimed Friday night, the prize will continue to increase.  

Here’s what you could buy in central Arkansas 

At one point in time, many of us have wondered what we would do if we won the lottery. 

If you’re stuck on some ideas on how to spend all of that money, here are some options with an Arkansas twist:

Buy a mansion or two: If your first thought is upgrading your home, you could buy some of the most expensive houses on the market, and still have money left over. Here are some of the most expensive houses on the market, according to Zillow.

Take me (or an entire town) out to the ballgame: If you’re a fan of baseball, you could buy out Dickey Stephens Park for approximately $90,000. That means you could invite up to 7,200 of your closest friends to watch the game with you, or the entire city of Heber Springs with some space still available. 

Dickey Stephens Park (Photo Courtesy: Arkansas Travelers)

Some food for thought: If you win the lottery, you could give every Arkansan multiple Cotham’s famous hubcap cheeseburgers. If the winner were to use their lump sum payment to help feed their fellow Arkansans, they could give every Arkansan eight hubcap cheeseburgers. 

Photo Courtesy: Cotham’s in the City

Spread the wealth: If you are feeling generous enough, you could give some money to every Arkansas resident. By using just one year of an annuity payment, the winner could give all 3,013,756 Arkansas residents $5.96. If they used the lump sum of $350,200,000, they could give every Arkansas resident counted in the 2020 Census $116.20. 

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The real winners in Arkansas 

Whether or not you win the big prize, know that you are helping make an impact in many lives just by purchasing a Mega Millions ticket. According to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, more than 92 cents of every dollar of ASL revenue goes to prizes, scholarships, retailer commissions and other expenses in Arkansas. 

Every ticket purchased contributes to scholarships, and that’s what our mission is all about,” ASL Director Eric Hagler said. “We’re proud to have raised more than $1 billion in scholarship proceeds to date.” 

Some Mega reminders 

In order to have a chance to win Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot, you have to buy a ticket by 9:45 p.m. Friday. 

Tickets are $2 each or $3 to include the Megaplier, which multiplies the winnings. 

Players can either asked for a Quick Pick or use a playslip to choose their numbers. 

For more on how to play the Mega Millions, visit MyArkansasLottery.com