LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – You have a 1 in 14,000,000 chance to win the lottery, however, that’s not stopping Arkansans from trying to win the Arkansas Powerball jackpot.

The jackpot went up to $421,000,000. So, after taxes, you’d walk away with roughly $171,428,000. Not a bad payday.

So, how would people spend the money if they won?

“Take care of my bills. Take care of my family and friends,” Leonard York said. “Spread the love around. So, if I win everyone wins.”

But the one thing Leonard would buy for himself…

“Probably buy me a house. A nice house.”

The most expensive house in Arkansas is $10.6 million in Fort Smith. Leonard would have plenty of money for that.

“I’d probably give 100 million to the homeless,” Rivers McMillen said. “The rest of the money… save it, invest it and buy a small house. Then just live with it, knowing I have that much money.”