What would you do as an Arkansas multi-millionaire?


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – With the Mega Millions Jackpot up to $510 million and Powerball Jackpot at $470 million, if your number was picked tonight, what would you buy that is purely a piece of Arkansas?

Would you buy a condo in Downtown Little Rock, build a home overlooking the expanse under Mt. Magazine, a small cottage along where you can see the Buffalo River from your back deck or perhaps all three?

How about starting up a micro-brewery in Fayetteville or set up a bed and breakfast in downtown El Dorado?

What charity or organization would you donate to that makes a difference to the people of Arkansas and lifts your heart knowing you can be an agent of change?

More money may not bring happiness, but studies show it can bring balance to life satisfaction and stability overall. So, within the confines of your connection to the natural state that you live in, what do you choose to invest in?

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