(WJW) — A tweet showing a photo of a sign with rules on when Mariah Carey’s song “All I Want for Christmas is You” can play at an unnamed Dallas bar is going viral.

Twitter user @rkylesmith tweeted the photo Oct. 22 with the caption: “Dallas jukebox.”

It says: “Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ will be skipped if played before December 1. After December 1 the song is only allowed one time a night.”

The tweet has over 8,000 interactions.

Mariah Carey herself responded on Oct. 28 after the original tweet was retweeted by another Twitter user. She tweeted a photo of herself dressed as though she’s going to battle. It read, “is this the war on Christmas I’ve heard about?”

On Monday, Carey also declared it’s Christmastime while smashing a pumpkin in a video.

The Guinness World Records account even tweeted that it was the “new record for the earliest celebration of Christmas.”

This doesn’t mean we forget about Thanksgiving, though. Carey said to save the smashed pumpkins for pie “cause we still gotta get through Thanksgiving!!!”