NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The City of North Little Rock held a press conference Friday afternoon to officially announce a new entertainment project that will replace Wild River Country.  

It will be named the Malys Entertainment Center and is expected to be finished by the end of 2023. 

The new attraction will be built on Crystal Hill road where Wild River Country sat. The former water park shut down in 2019. 

“I remember going there as a kid that was a big thing. I’m from Pine Bluff, so coming to Little Rock and going to Wild River Country was big for me,” said Quinton Bauknight. 

North Little Rock Mayor, Terry Hartwick says “it’s a perfect location to help everybody from Maumelle, Central Arkansas, Little Rock, North Little Rock. It’s going to be very valuable.”

The 28-million-dollar project will bring 200 jobs and “upwards of 10 million per year,” said Dr. James Thomas with Malys Entertainment Center.

The high-tech center will have something for everyone. 

Golf, bowling, a virtual arcade as well as restaurants, specialty shops and more.

Miranda Farmer says the Malys Entertainment Center “looks like something that we can take our kids to that’s not Dave & Busters or Chuck E. Cheese.”

In two to three months, crews will begin cleaning and clearing everything out at the former Wild River Country location to prepare for building.

Building is scheduled to begin next spring.