HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – You could call Andrew Igbokidi the voice of Arkansas at the moment. The 22-year-old from Hot Springs is turning heads and turning every chair on “The Voice” singing competition on NBC.

Igbokidi’s family moved to Arkansas about eight years ago. He was born in Chicago, and both his parents are Nigerian immigrants. He told our station of all the places he’s been Arkansas is where he has felt the most at peace.

With his beautiful voice and unmatched charisma, all four judges on “The Voice” Monday night wanted to know who was behind them.

“My name is Andrew Igbokidi. I’m 22, and I live in Arkansas,” Igbokidi told the judges.

Before taking the stage, Andrew took the basketball court at Lakeside High, hit the books at the University of Central Arkansas, and just before auditioning worked as a barback in his hometown Hot Springs.

“Somebody going to med school planning on being a doctor dragging kegs and washing glasses,” explained Mike Dampier, Igbokidi’s coworker and the Burger Chef at the Ohio Club.

Dampier said Igbokidi always carried himself with humility and respect just like he did on stage. Although the Ohio Club regularly hosts live music, many of his coworkers never heard him sing until The Voice.

That includes Dampier who recalled Igbokidi’s performance saying, “You just knew when he opened his mouth started singing, he had a true gift.”

It’s a gift even Andrew underestimated.

WATCH: Andrew Igbokidi’s rendition of ‘when the party’s over’ on ‘The Voice’

“Before going out there I remember just thinking to myself weeks, you know days in advance ‘I just want to get one chair. One chair is all I want. One chair is all I need”, Igbokidi said.

“When I had just barely made it through the first verse of my song, and I was staring at three coaches I had to maintain my focus and keep going,” Igbokidi remembered.

Focus has always been Igbokidi’s strong suit. While competing in “The Voice” he’s also in medical school at UAMS. His study buddy while at UCA, Davonne Moore, says while most people have to choose one or the other, Andrew can do both.

“Just knowing he went to the same university, knowing he hung around some of the people they know, it just makes everybody happy for him and want to see him win,” Moore encouraged.

Igbokidi says he’s feeling support from all parts of his home state. He thanks everyone for calls, messages, and more following his Voice debut.

“People I don’t know. People I do know. It’s very heartwarming, and it makes me happy and very proud to be representing Arkansas,” Igbokidi concluded.

He’s also invited to perform at his old job in Hot Springs anytime. You can follow Andrew Igbokidi’s journey on “The Voice” every Monday and Tuesday at 7:00 P.M. on NBC.

You can also listen to him on TikTok. His user profile is @Iggy498.