Arkansas Foodbank joins hunger action month campaign to bring awareness to food insecurity

Hunger Action Month

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas Foodbank is joining multiple Feeding America food banks across the country to help bring awareness to food insecurity within communities for Hunger Action Month.

Officials from the foodbank said that this year’s campaign presents the impossible choices that thousands of Arkansans must make between food and other basic needs. With the public’s support, the Arkansas Foodbank can make a change in communities across the Natural State.

“For many of our neighbors, it’s not about choosing what to eat, it’s about choosing if they can afford to eat,” Rhonda Sanders, CEO of Arkansas Foodbank, said. “Facing hunger often means making a tough choice between food or other crucial needs, such as electricity, childcare, or medicine. Nobody should be forced to make the choice to go hungry.”

According to projections from Feeding America, more than 260,000 people in central and southern Arkansas have been at risk for hunger since the beginning of the pandemic.

“With the public’s support, we can come together to ensure our friends, families, coworkers and neighbors down the street no longer have to make such impossible decisions,” Sanders said.

September is Hunger Action Month and the foodbank ask Arkansans to get involved by learning, committing time and speaking about ending hunger.

To find out more about opportunities at the Arkansas Foodbank, visit their website’s calendar at

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