Space station to make great flyby over Arkansas this evening

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The International Space Station (ISS) will be making a long and bright flyover of Arkansas this evening.

In the Little Rock Metro area, the ISS will become visible just above the southwest horizon at 9:15 pm, travel nearly overhead, 71° above the horizon–overhead is 90°, at 9:18 pm and disappear just above the northeast horizon at 9:22 pm.

You don’t need any special viewing equipment to see the flyover–just look for a very bright, slow-moving “star”! If you’ve got a great zoom camera and a tripod or steady hand, you might just be able to get a photograph that captures the structure of the solar panel arrays.

Example of ISS Flyover

There will be a second 4-minute flyby beginning at 10:54 pm from the west-northwest to the north but will only be 14° above the horizon. It will only be visible if you have an unobstructed view of the horizon but worth a try if you live on a hilltop or other higher elevation above the tops of trees.

Sky Measurement using Outstretched Arm

Times will be slightly different for areas outside the Metro–just go to Spot the Station and type your location for details for where you live.

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