Abandoned dog finds new home at sheriff’s office


LONOKE COUNTY, Ark.- After being abandoned and left for dead, one animal is getting a second chance at life.

“The vet was astonished that he hadn’t died,” said John Staley, Lonoke County Sheriff, “The bottom front teeth are gone because he was trying to get out of that old kennel and that house “

The Lonoke County Sheriff John Staley said deputies found two dogs abandoned in a home. Left alone for about three weeks.

One dog was already dead and another was close behind.

Sheriff Staley said the owners were arrested, charged with animal cruelty and they signed the dog over to the sheriff. 

“I whole heatedly believe that animals pick you, and theres a reason for everything,” said Staley.

“He just looks at peace. Like hey my ordeal is over with, I made it through,” said Captain David Bufford, Lonoke County Sheriffs Office.

Captain David Bufford said everyone fell in love with the dog instantly. It was clear, he wasn’t going to leave the sheriffs office. 

“I know that he will have a good life up here,” said Bufford.

While he won’t be on the streets fighting crime, he will have another important job, spreading love around the office.

“This job especially these days are so stressful so having an animal come love you, it really helps a lot,” said Bufford.

So really, they need him as much as he needs them.

“He’s going to fit in pretty good around here,” said Staley.

The Sheriffs office has not yet named the dog, they want to give him a new name and a fresh start.

The sheriff said they’ve taken him to the vet and he will be receiving treatment for heart works among other things.

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