Little Rock Police save owl after it was hit by an 18-wheeler


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.— Little Rock Police received a call overnight about an owl that was hit by a semi-truck. They were told by the Little Rock Zoo if they could catch it, the Zoo would take the bird where it needed to go.

A spokesperson for the department says it happened around 2:30 a.m. near 8100 Frazier Pike.

The entire rescue was recorded on an officer’s body camera.

“Hey Mr. Owl,” says one of the responding officer’s in the video as he approaches the bird.

The five responding officers can be seen wrapping the owl in a blanket and put him in a cardboard box.

The bird was taken to the Little Rock Zoo where they arranged for it to be picked up by the Raptor Rehab of Central Arkansas.

“About 95% of our intakes come from car strikes,” said Rodney Paul with the Raptor Rehab of Central Arkansas. “I thought I’d be picking up just a bundled messed up bunch of feathers- mangled feathers, I really did.”

Paul says much to his surprise, the bird appeared to be ok.

“Really amazed when I found out there were no injuries to it,” recalled Paul.

For the next six weeks, Paul says the owl will be rehabilitated and eventually released back into the wild.

“You can tell he’s sore, we’re gonna keep him on pain medications for about five days,” said Paul. “Very good prognosis on this one right here– very high expectations for this one to be released.”

The Raptor Rehab of Central Arkansas is not open to the public.

However, Paul says they are always in need of donations to continue helping birds.

If you’d like to read more on their mission or make a donation, click:

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