LR woman caught man on camera trying to break in


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A Little Rock woman says her ‘smart house’ saved her after a man rang the doorbell at 5 am, refused to leave then tried to break in.

The whole thing, including his arrest was caught on camera.

“I was shaking,” said Mercedes Anderson, Homeowner.

Mercedes Anderson lives alone in her Little Rock home. So, when she got a notification from her doorbell that someone was on her porch at an odd time, it raised some red flags.

“I immediately flipped on all my lights from my phone, to try to scare him away, didn’t faze him,” said Anderson.

Anderson thought if she didn’t answer the door, maybe he would just go away.

However, 15 minutes later, he was still there, and things took a turn.

Anderson said she was watching as the man started trying to get in.

“He was just talking crazy. I was terrified, what if he is able to bust open the door. Like what am I going to do?” said Anderson.

That’s when she decided to break the silence and speak through her doorbell app.
Anderson can be heard on camera saying, “You have the wrong house, you need to go. I called the cops.”

Anderson thought that was the end as the man walks away.

In the camera you can see he stands at the end of her driveway and four minutes later, he’s back.

“He came back up to the door and tried to force it open again and right then, that’s when the cops rolled up,” said Anderson.

Little Rock Police said they got four other calls about the same man attempting to get into other houses in the area.

James Williams was arrested outside Anderson’s home 30 minutes after ringing her doorbell.

According to LRPD, Williams is facing charges of public intoxication and criminal trespassing. Police also said he did have a knife in his pocket.

As for Anderson, she picked up more items to protect herself but said she has no hard feeling for Williams.

“Honestly I hope he’s okay. It seemed like there might have been some sort of mental illness behind that as well. I don’t even think he knew where he was,” said Anderson.

Anderson said she was able to watch and record Williams through her Nest Doorbell.

She was also able to use other apps connected to her security system to turn her lights on from a safe location.

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