Family Health: Cancer screening reminders

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Breast cancer screening can save lives, but doctors at Conway Regional Medical Center want women
to get screened for more than just breast cancer.

In addition to breast cancer, women should get regular pap smears for cervical cancer, starting at age 21, and at age 45 they should get screened for colon cancer.

However, Dr. Kala Slaton says there is not a good screening tool for ovarian, endometrial or uterine cancers, but there are things you should look for.

“If you’re ever concerned about new symptoms like increased bloating, or changes in your bowel or bladder habits or swelling of your abdomen that should not be there, especially in older women above the age of 50, those are things you should make your doctor aware of,” she explains.

Dr. Slaton adds that it’s important for women to get an annual exam with their OB-GYN every year, without fail.

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