Family Health: No need to fear going to the emergency room, doctor says

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Sometimes it’s hard to know when to go to the emergency room, and when you do decide, there are many fears, including catching COVID.

The team at Conway Regional Medical System’s hospital wants to make that decision easy for you.

Dr. Michael Fahr says they have a special waiting room for people who are known to have COVID.

They also try to cut down on waiting times, although the more urgent cases are seen first.

But still, sometimes it’s hard to know when you should go.

“You can’t obviously tell people exactly when to go most times. But if you feel like you have something that could be potentially life-threatening then you need to go. I also often tell people if you don’t know if it’s an emergency or not, then it’s still a good thing to go and be evaluated,” Dr. Fahr explains.

Conway Regional has several options, including urgent care. But if you have an emergency, don’t let your fear of COVID stop you from going to the ER, where everyone is required to wear a mask.

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