Arkansas Heart Hospital: Reducing salt in your diet

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The FDA is focused on lowering sodium in our nation’s food supply, particularly in processed, packaged and prepared items. The new, public health-focused guidelines aim to reduce Americans’ sodium intake by about 12%-from 3,400 to 3,000 mg-over the next 2.5 years.

  • Whether we’re grocery shopping or dining out, it can be difficult to know what products contain sodium. Can you share some general tips to help guide our choices?

    • Eliminate the saltshaker 

    • Avoid using garlic or onion salt; MSG, meat tenderizers; broth mixes; soy sauce; bottled sauces; and marinades when cooking

    • Avoid the vast majority of “fast foods” and ultra-processed foods.

    • Check brands’ websites or package labels for nutritional information to select foods with no more than 5% DV of sodium.

    • Use fresh ingredients and/or foods with no added salt, whenever possible
  • Let’s put these tips into action with a little “Eat This, Not That.” What should we swap out on our tables and in our cabinets?

    • Eliminate canned goods for no salt added or frozen

    • Skip cold cuts and cured meats for low-sodium turkey or chicken

    • Cut back on salty seasonings for garlic, ginger, lemon, vinegar or salt-free options

    • Toss the potato and tortilla chips for low-sodium crackers or veggie sticks

    • NOTE: Items may seem low in sodium on the label but be mindful of serving sizes!

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