Avoiding a dental setback with Halloween candy

Good Day

Dr. Bryan Dunlap from Dunlap Dental talked with Good Day anchor Ashlei King about ways to avoid a dental setback with your kids and Halloween candy.

  1. Moderate the candy flow. A recent study by the American Dental Association found that nearly two-thirds of kids said they eat too much candy at Halloween. Sit down with your kids when trick or treating is done and sort their candy. Let them help choose which items to have for now and which ones to put away for later. Moderating their candy intake is a great way to keep your kids’ teeth protected.
  2. Look for alternative treats. It’s not necessary to totally deny Halloween treats to your kids for them to maintain dental health. At the same time, you can seek out other items to treat your kids to-give them fruit that they like, or something that’s not food at all, like a favorite video game or iTunes gift card.
  3. Choose chocolate. Chocolate is less harmful to kids’ teeth than hard candy. This is because most chocolate candy is soft and easily chewed, swallowed and gone from the mouth. Hard candy stays in the mouth longer, allowing the sugar to stay on and between teeth causing more bacteria buildup and, over time, tooth decay.
  4. Don’t forget to brush! Brush after every snack, even if it’s “only candy”.

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