Building Relationships: Communication

Good Day

You’re trying… they’re not. They’re trying, you’re not. It’s not always about who’s trying the most, but about when you’re both trying TOGETHER- that’s when things start to change.

So let’s talk communication-

It can be overwhelming in a relationship. Sometimes you get so frustrated trying to get your point across that you just give up. But in a committed relationship, you can’t just “give up” but you must learn the best way to communicate with your partner.

Most of the time, you just want to be heard. You want to express YOUR feelings and you want THEM to listen. But true communication goes both ways. You have to listen and reflect. Once they know you’ve heard them, and you validate their feelings- THEN it’s your turn to share.

This shows you are BOTH TRYING. Sometimes, you have to put your feelings to the side and stop saying “I” to show them that you are genuinely listening.

Maybe you should try- “Well, it sounds like you’re saying…” then say “I understand what you’re saying.” Next ask “Now, can you hear me out as well?” They are more likely to listen once they know you’ve understood their point of view- NOT just listened- but UNDERSTOOD.

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