Building Relationships: Focus on Me

Good Day

We worry so much about our relationships with others- “Do they like me? What if I’m not good enough?” However, it’s also important to recognize the relationship that you have with yourself. How can you do this?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Understanding that self-care is not selfish- it’s NECESSARY
  2. Have compassion for yourself- you can’t be perfect, you will make mistakes- so lighten up! This is life… LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST!
  3. Understand you are worth it! Every dime spent on you, every minute spent with you, all the effort put into you- YOU ARE WORTH IT!
  4. Don’t punish yourself for a bad day. You are entitled to at least one bad day a month- use it wisely! Make the most of it- do something you enjoy instead of stressing! Take a mental health day BEFORE you get overwhelmed.
  5. Give yourself a treat! Go out for your favorite dessert, get a massage, buy a nice outfit. TAKE CARE OF YOU- you work hard everyday- reward yourself…
  6. Make positive life changes- find a new hobby, change your negative self-talk, set new goals, go after your dreams!
  7. Find YOUR people- family, friends, partner- spend time with people who want to spend time with you. If they are not adding to your life, they are probably taking away your good energy. Be mindful of who you allow in your space (mental and physical).
  8. Find the things that you love about yourself and admire how wonderful you are! You may not have anyone else to do this- enjoy who you are. And if you don’t love it, what can you do to improve? Self-love is very important.

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