Building Relationships – Handling Rejection

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Everyone experiences rejection in life.  It hurts. It’s tough. And it can be really hard to get over.  Here are a few tips on overcoming the pain of rejection.

#1- You can learn from it- what did I get from this experience?  Positive and negative.

#2- You can grow from it- Be resilient. Whether it’s your fault, or not, you have to be strong enough, confident in yourself enough, wise enough to know when to let go.

#4- You can change your expectations- be realistic.  Everyday is not sunshine.  You will have relationships that are fragile or even broken to begin with.  Know that everyone who comes into your life is not meant to stay. Recognize that everyone doesn’t have the samein

#4- You can change your self-talk– rejection often introduces self-doubt, lack of confidence, fear, blame and guilt.  Negative feelings cause us to say negative things. Start recognizes when you say things to put down yourself “I am so stupid.  Why did I think they would ever love me?” think “I may not be perfect. And I’ve made mistakes. But I deserve to be appreciated, respected, and loved because I’m worth it.”  You have to see the good in yourself.

#5- You can change the way you see it- it’s called reframing.  Instead of intentionally inflicting more harm by being down on yourself “No one will ever love me.  I’m not worthy of being loved.” look at it from the perspective that relationships are tough- none of them are perfect. It’s the same with people.  Just because they couldn’t love me doesn’t mean I can’t be loved. It just means they missed out on a great opportunity to experience a really cool person.

#6- You have to MOVE ON!  You can’t change the past. And it’s OK to be upset and hurt for awhile.  But you can’t allow it to control your life. So after you cry, scream, throw you pillow across the room, you have to let it go.  You can even give yourself a time frame. “I’m giving myself a week to get over this. Everyday for 30 minutes I’m going to be angry, sad, disappointed.  But when time’s up, I must get back to living my life!” Let emotions come and go, don’t hold onto it.

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