Building Relationships: I’ve done all I can do

Good Day

How many times have you felt like you’ve done all that you can do in your relationship?
What do you do now?

There are times in our relationships when we may feel depleted. We’ve given all that we have and there is nothing more to give… Or is it?

When you feel that you’ve done all that you can:

  1. Pull back and reset
  2. Consider the cost- do a costs/benefits analysis
  3. Reframe the situation- look at it from different perspectives
  4. Don’t make assumptions- maybe you’re putting energy into the wrong areas
  5. Really listen to your partner- you may have missed something
  6. Put all the issues on the table- be open and honest (it’s great to have a therapist present)
  7. Embrace change- maybe it’s time to do something different- do a project together, buy bikes to ride, go on a trip, spend time with friends
  8. Show grace and compassion (for them and for yourself)
  9. Practice good self-care without feeling guilty or selfish
  10. Acknowledge your own needs and communicate them effectively

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