Building Relationships: LOVE

Good Day

L-Love banks

Love banks are positive deposits that a couple makes in relationships. Love banks are just like financial savings accounts. When you have a financial hardship you go to your savings account, pull out money to help during the hard times. Saving accounts help reduce stress and avoid future financial disasters. Love banks are the same. If you don’t have positive deposits in your love bank, then stress and relationship disasters increase. Keep in mind, for every one negative incident in the relationship then the couple must have 5 positive deposits.

And you mention that the O stands for Optimistic?


Whatever you do, do not allow yourself to view your partner in negative ways. This negative view makes resolving conflicts difficult and threatens relationship commitment. One thing we do very well in relationships is attempt to make our partner who we want them to be. Stop it!! We must stop it and learn to change who can control and that’s our attitude. Remember, don’t spend all your time changing your partner but learn to accept your partner as who they are.

The V stands for Valentine’s Day Ritual? What do you mean by that?

V-Valentine’s Day Ritual

Healthy couples have rituals that they do daily whether it’s kissing every morning, having date nights, or affectionate touches throughout the day. Valentine’s Day can help jump start rituals that can be applied daily not just on Valentine’s day. These small gestures fill our love banks and keep the relationship growing.

The E means emotionally connect

Emotional connection is the glue to healthy relationships. When the couple has a bad day, they stay connected emotionally. Healthy couples are able to manage emotions and put feelings aside to provide for their partner. Valentine ’s Day can provide that opportunity for couples to remember the good times in order to make it through the hard times. .

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