Building Relationships: Reasons to not pass judgment

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There are several reasons why you should NOT pass judgment in your relationship. Relationship counselor Christina Hopson-Allen explains what it can do to your relationship.

  1. Passing judgement will create mistrust

Your partner will not confide in you or trust you have their best interest. They will be reluctant to open up or share their feelings.

  1. Passing judgement can affect self-esteem

If you are constantly comparing your partner to someone else, they may feel inadequate. Your opinion can affect the way they see themselves- your partner should be able to look to you
for affirmations and approval.

  1. Passing judgement can keep the relationship from growing

It may cause resentment or contempt which will stagnant the development of the relationship.

  1. Passing judgement can damage the relationship

Your words can cause permanent damage- remember what you say, you can’t take it back- once you’ve said it, it sticks.

Do their flaws really go against your values or are they just embarrassing or unpopular? Everyone has flaws. If you are not enhancing your relationship with your feedback, you could be damaging it with your critique.

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