Everyone should have someone they look up to- someone trusted or a positive example. Role models are important- Shouldn’t we also have this in relationships too?

First and foremost you should be realistic. There are no perfect relationships. BUT, there are really, really good ones. You should aspire to have the same. Healthy relationships should model other healthy relationships. Here are a few tips on how!

Who is around you?

What negative behaviors do you think you should avoid? Or good ones you want to adopt in your relationship?

How do you see yourself now?

Who do you desire to be?

How can you become “that” person?

If you learn that your friend sent his wife on an expensive trip- don’t be judgmental thinking- “man he spent a lot of his hard on money on that woman”- find ways to spend money on your wife too! Maybe not a trip- but a massage or new purse- find out what she likes and buy it for her!

If you have a friend who is very loving toward their husband- don’t just say “Awe that’s sweet”- but find ways you can be loving toward your spouse too! It may not be the same way- but you should make the same type of effort toward something meaningful.

Don’t put yourself down because you can’t do the EXACT things that another couple can. Just do YOUR BEST!

Encourage yourself that YOU CAN be that loving spouse. Believe in yourself! Be motivated to become the man or woman that your partner desires.

Just because they look happy on the outside doesn’t always mean they are happy on the inside. Remember- there are no PERFECT relationships! Be realistic and be the best you can be from the inside out!