Frigid temperatures last through the holiday weekend. Friday morning dropped to 2°F with a wind chill of -20°F. All day Saturday will stay below freezing, with Christmas Eve morning in the teens and the afternoon near 30°F. Temperatures will not climb above 32°F until Sunday afternoon Christmas Day.

TRANSFORM CLOTHES: Find some old clothes and wet them with water. Lay them outside, and they’ll quickly freeze. Notice how some fabrics freeze differently. Cotton should freeze the quickest. Dressing in thicker fabric like wool, with fleece layers, will help keep body warmth close to you. Having a polyester layer closest to you will deter moisture (from sweating), and won’t be able to get fully soaked in water.

Make sure to put some of the liquid down before getting the bubbles to stick.

FREEZE BUBBLES: Take some bubbles and see how they can transform in sub-freezing weather. Pour some of the soapy bubble liquid onto a surface like a table, slowly blow a bubble over it, and watch it freeze in seconds! Bubbles can also be used to see the wind direction and get a good gauge on wind speed.

MAKE YOUR OWN “SNOW”: If you’re dreaming of a White Christmas, you can make your own this year! Boil some water and pour it in a cup. Take it outside and toss the hot water into the cold air. The great difference in temperature between the two will cause something magical to happen. The hot water instantly vaporizes, since cold and dry air can only “hold” so much water.

As a bonus, add some food coloring to the hot water and see which color “snow” is your favorite to make.