CONWAY, Ark. – Community leader Jimmy Warren and PattiCakes Bakery in Conway are bringing awareness to Black History Month by offering free commemorative cookies on Saturdays throughout February.

Each weekend the cookies will have a theme. This Saturday, the cookies will feature Arkansas natives Corliss Williamson and Maya Angelou. During the month, the cookies will also feature musicians Whitney Houston and Run DMC, sports icons Hank Aaron and Nolan Richardson and culture icons Megan Markle and Serena Williams.

Warren came up with the idea three years ago as a way to celebrate Black History. He hopes customers will take the time to research and discuss the significant contributions each of the individuals have made to their communities.

There will be a limited supply of cookies given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Warren encourages people to use the hashtag #CommunityCookies on social media when sharing the photos of the cookies. PattiCakes Bakery is run by owner Patti Stobaugh. The cookies will be given away at the location at 2106 Robinson Avenue in Conway.