Every Kid Healthy Week, which starts today, encourages everyone to get involved to improve the health and wellness of kids through nutrition, physical activity, mental health and learning. Whitney Gorsegner, who is the Wellness Program Manager for the engineering firm Garver. showed us some activities we can do to celebrate this week.

Kids need to start healthy habits young. Physical activity and eating nutrient-dense foods improves overall health in so many ways. This is essential for children, too, because to grow up into healthy adults, it is important for kids to be healthy and active from a young age.
Here are three reasons why a child’s health is important:

  1. Healthy children grow up into healthy adults
    o The adolescence stage is the most important time for a young person to consume the correct nutrients because that’s how the body develops to its full potential. Creating good habits early on – like healthy eating and physical activity – can help create a lifestyle for the future.
  2. Build confidence and strong self-esteem
    o Good family bonding, paired with positive family encouragement, builds confidence and self-esteem in children. Furthermore, participation from both parents and children in activities gives children a sense of growth and ownership.
  3. Mental Health is important for kiddos, too!
    o To ensure the future generation is happy and healthy, mentally as well as physically, parents and schools need to emphasize a child’s mental health.

And here are three activities you and your children can do together to celebrate Every Kid Health Week:

  1. Go for a walk in the neighborhood or local park. Tell each other about your day.
  2. Find a recipe to make together and have a picnic, now that it is springtime.
  3. Jump rope, which we are going to do together to celebrate Every Kid Healthy Week!