LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Cyber-attacks continue to increase across the country, costing businesses more than two billion dollars. FBI Little Rock is doubling down on its efforts to bring the number of cybercrimes down. 

FBI Little Rock is looking to partner with businesses across the state to keep them from becoming victims of cyber-attacks. FBI Little Rock National Security and Intelligence Assistant Special Agent Jason Van Goor said they want to meet with business owners before an attack ever happens to go through cyber security measures. 

“We’ll talk about what their level of cyber security, how secure is it,” Van Goor said. “We’ll talk through some of the basics of cyber security, how are their pass phrase protections, are they using two factor authentication and then we’ll talk about what happens during an attack.” 

Van Goor said they have a team of analysts, agents, supervisors, computer scientists and more to help protect businesses in Arkansas and can have an agent on any doorstep in the state within three hours. He said it is crucial businesses report an attack the moment it happens. 

“We actually have some capabilities to maybe protect your systems but also possibly if you’ve paid a ransom or if you’ve had money stolen, we may be able to recover some of that money,” Van Goor said.

Business owners interested in working with the FBI can call (501) 221-9100.