Garver Engineering Firm: Having fun at work

Good Day

Work and fun may not be two words you associate together, but your work can and should be a lot of fun. Whitney Gorsegner, who is the wellness program manager for the engineering firm Garver, showed Pat Walker some tips on making your workplace fun.

Here are a few tips that we like to use to keep our workplace fun:

  1. Create opportunities for connecting
    At Garver we have an annual meeting, Garver Summit, where we bring together employees across our 14-state company footprint. Our Wellness Team hosts a run, Garver Runs the Nation, where employees can choose from a 5k or 1 mile route and run, jog, or walk together. Of course, if this is something you want to implement at your workplace, it doesn’t have to be as formal as an organized run. You can keep it simple and get together a group of co-workers to go on walks at lunch. If your company is philanthropic, like we are at Garver through our GarverGives program, consider working volunteer shifts or raising money with your co-workers for a common cause. There are a lot of ways you can connect with your co-workers and have fun together.
  2. Encourage a healthy workplace
    In our Wellness Program, we focus on meeting you where you’re at in your wellness journey and offering experiences for our employees to stay healthy together. For example, we have a lot of employees in our Little Rock office who love to bike. So, this year, we had 16 employees ride in the Big Dam Bridge ride together. I had never ridden a bike that many miles before! Some went longer routes, some shorter, but it was something we could enjoy together.
  3. Celebrate together
    Garver is constantly celebrating and rewarding employees for recruiting new talent, hitting milestones in your wellness journey, and participating in office events and social media contests. A small thing we like to do to celebrate our employees is to hook them up with Garver swag. So, this summer we asked our employees to post photos on social media of their Garver swag on their summer vacations. We had a ton of people participate and we saw Garver gear at the lake, on hikes, in different countries even-it was awesome! Of course, we wanted to celebrate how proud our people were to rock their Garver gear by hooking them up with even more Garver gear! So everyone that participated throughout all 36 offices got to take home more Garver goodies to bring with them on their next adventure.

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