Give yourself a break

Good Day

Whether it’s lunch breaks or a beach getaway, Whitney Gorsegner from the engineering firm Garver talks about the importance of scheduling time away.

Let’s break it down:

  • Ideally, we would all get to take a vacation every year. And by vacation or stay-cation, I mean fully unplugging. The key to a restful vacation is to prioritize rest, fun, and do something that you wouldn’t normally do at home.
  • Taking breaks throughout the day is also beneficial to your everyday health and work performance. You can spend 3-5 minutes every hour or so taking a walk around your building or block. It is also important to create boundaries with your work and personal life. Remote work tends to remove those natural boundaries, so be sure you are stepping away from work outside of work hours and doing something you enjoy.
  • Not taking breaks and unplugging from all the stressors of life can deplete you of your engagement and willingness to do the things you actually enjoy. Remember, you cannot take care of anyone else unless you are taking care of yourself. So, make sure you take a break!

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