The lone Arkansan remaining on American Idol was eliminated from competition Thursday night.

Charlie Askew was informed he didn’t earn a spot among the top 5 male competitors.  He was eliminated along with contestants Nick Boddington, Elijah Liu, Vincent Powell and Cortez Shaw.  As he left the stage, Askew made his signature “turtle” hand sign as host Ryan Seacrest told him, “you stay strong.”

Askew’s elimination followed an emotional performance Wednesday evening that didn’t resonate with the judges.

After receiving some tough criticism, Askew said of his performance, “I needed to vent. A little bit.”

Askew fought back tears as he told Seacrest people think he’s smiling and happy when he really may not be.  Seacrest ended the segment by telling Askew he has friends cheering him on at American Idol.

Before making it on Idol, Askew’s journey started at the Arkansas Rep, performing in various productions and with a group called “The Four Reps.”

According to his Twitter page, he currently lives in Los Angeles, California.