Making the Best of a Virtual Race

Good Day
  1. Train just like you would for an in-person race
    • Pick a race or a date you plan to run and then train accordingly. We set our employees up for success by creating custom training plans that they could follow in the weeks leading up to the race of their choice.
    • Build up your mileage leading up to race day. Don’t feel like you have to run. Jogging, walking, or a combination of the two are all great!
  2. Make your own course
    • By running a virtual race, you can create your OWN course! Getting creative will help you get even more excited on race day!
    • One of our employees ran through the office as part of her race route! A few others ran trails instead of hitting the pavement. And more created race routes that spelled out Garver or the Garver G that we love so much!
  3. Have Fun!
    • Dress up in a themed outfit, wear your race bib, have friends and family.

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