Parole System Review

Good Day
LITTLE ROCK, AR –  State lawmakers will hold a special meeting this afternoon to take a look at the state’s parole system.

The review centers on one particular case that has put the spotlight on the whole system.

State Senator David Sanders is one of the lawmakers who will be trying to get answers from the state’s parole leaders, specifically how they decide to release inmates.

Sanders is one opponent who calls out the way the parole system’s rewarding the Department of Community Correction to keep parolees from going back to prison, even if they commit serious crimes once they’re back on the street.

The state senator points to the case of Darrell Dennis, who was released from prison, reportedly arrested at least 14 times, but kept getting released until finally being accused of murdering 18-year-old Forrest Abrams in Little Rock in May.

Sanders says he can report four other murders that have taken place and parolees have been charged with those murders. Sanders will also discuss some legislation he sponsored — that changes the way parole programs are accessed.

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