Rants & Raves: Rapist Given Less Time?

Good Day
Little Rock, AR —  A former Montana teacher convicted of raping a 14-year old student,  who later comitted suicide,  was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

But a judge suspended all but 31 days of the sentence and even gave him credit for one day already served.

Here’s the background: According to Billings Gazette, the teacher was charged in 2008 with three counts of sexual intercourse without consent. He pleaded guilty to one count but things drastically changed when the victim sadly took her own life.

The teacher was then ordered to complete a sex offender treatment program to have the charges dismissed, but they were brought back up because the teacher was a no-show at some of the sessions.

But why reduce the sentence to basically nothing?

Well, according to the judge , the victim , a 14 year old mind you — was — ” as much in control of the situation as the teacher.”

The judge also said his termination from the treatment program did not warrant the lengthy imprisonment.

This is where I bite my tongue and you — rant or rave click on the video to see what you all said. 

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