Stretching Your Dollar: College Graduate Edition

Good Day
Little Rock, AR – Dr. Mary Ann Campbell has tips and tricks to help recent college graduates stay on budget and save.

Campbell says there are several ways to save money and establish credit, but you have to watch out for what she calls “Got-chas,” and stick with the “Cha-chings.”

“Got-chas” are points where its easy to spend money quickly. “Cha-chings” are ways to have fun but still save money.

·     Credit Unions
·     Local banks
·     Checking/Savings
Frugal Fun Night
·     Outdoor activities
·     Pot Luck; drink water
·     Red Door $1 movie rental
·     Fast Food too often
·     Driving too much
·     Shoes (men & women)
·     Tracking spending
·     Savings
·     Eating in; free events; coupons

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