Talk Business: Arkansas Legislature Update

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Talk Business blog editor Roby Brock chats with Good Day’s Deedra Wilson about some of the biggest issues for lawmakers in this session.

1. Voter id – There was a contentious battle and a lot of action yesterday at the State Capitol over this issue. Why is it so divisive? Democrats feel that this will disenfranchise and intimidate low-income and lesser educated voters, who may lean democrat. Republicans think this will cut down on voter fraud, although there doesn’t appear to be a ton of evidence that it is widespread.

2. Lots of talk about guns and abortion in this session. We’ve actually researched some data that highlights what lawmakers have been talking about. With our friends at, we analyzed some of the language in the nearly 2,500 bills that have been filed. The most frequent words found in bills include taxes, regulation, public school, technology, manufacturing, and medicaid.

3. Where does the debate stand on forcing US and ASU to play a charity football game?
About 58-percent support the game being played. About 71-percent say if the game is played they want the proceeds to go to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. House Speaker Davy Carter has said he doesn’t think the legislature should be involved in this decision. He also told Roby Brock he’d buy a ticket to the game if it happened, but he wouldn’t say which team he’d cheer for.

4. Legislators may be taking up another sport too. The Arkansas Senate and the Arkansas House are going to play a charity basketball game next Tuesday at the Jack Stephens Center at UALR. Proceeds go to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas. Fox 16’s David Goins is one of the celebrity players for the Senate, but Roby says he’s putting his money on the House. They have former Harlem Globetrotter Rep. Fred Smith on their team.

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