Volunteers serve crucial need at Arkansas Foodbank

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For the past four years, Eugen Tenander has spent most of his time volunteering at the Arkansas Foodbank in Little Rock.

“By spending a lot of time here I realize how much need there is in Arkansas,” Tenander said.

The need for food in the state has drastically increased over the past year and a half. In fact, one in five Arkansans struggle to provide enough food for their family. That’s why Tina Hillman and women connected to the Arkansas Farm Bureau were also volunteering their time at the Foodbank.

“We are packing up cans that don’t have labels so that when it goes to the food pantry from the foodbank, they will know what it is and it’ll be easily sorted to give to individual families,” Hillman said.

Her church in Carlisle receives items from the Foodbank each week. The rural community is considered a food desert since it’s 12 miles away from a grocery store, so the food pantry is critical for the senior citizens they serve.

“Either they can, right now with the way the economy is, pay their electricity bill, or get their medicine, or their food. They can’t do all three,” Hillman said.

Hillman and Tenander encourage all Arkansans to give, whether it be with your time or money.

“Give a piece of yourself to help others. You can forego that Starbucks Coffee. You can forego that new pair of shoes or whatever. Make a difference,” Tillman said.

“You can realize how privileged you are in what you have, but also in what you can give,” Tenander said.

If you’re interested in volunteering or donating to the Arkansas Foodbank, click here.

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