Some additional facts about grizzlies, Erin touched on:

If you encounter a grizzly bear in the wild, get as big as you can/wave your arms and make noise. Make eye contact with the bear and slowly​​ back away. Do NOT turn around run. A grizzly (albeit up to 1000 lbs) can and will outrun you. 

Some ways to avoid an encounter in the first place: hike in large groups, do not carry any open food or wear anything with a scent, like flavored chapstick or scented deodorant. We won’t encounter a grizzly in Arkansas, but smaller black bears are here. The same rules apply to them. 

A grizzly is a brown bear. The region you live depends on what you call it. More than likely if you’re in Alaska or Canada (where they have access to the coast), you’ll call it a brown bear. In Montana or Idaho, a grizzly.