Carmen Rose visited the Little Rock Zoo to learn more about Guenons and Colobuses in this week’s Zoo & A.

Some additional facts about guenons & colobuses from Karen:

Both the guenon and colobuses coats looked very clean and shiny. They groom themselves all on their own.

Guenons are mainly fruit eaters, which give them a lot of energy quickly. They live in the mid levels of tree canopy and along the ivory coast of Africa.

Colobuses are mainly leaf eaters. The makeup of their stomachs is similar to that of a cow, and it takes a lot of energy to digest the leaves. They come off as the more laidback monkeys in the exhibit, but it’s because leaves don’t have the sugar to provide the same energy as in the guenons & the digestive process takes a bit. 

Guenons and colobuses have their own calls (much like other primates). Since they live together in the zoo exhibit, they have learned one another’s distinct calls. They don’t use them interchangeably, but they can recognize each others.