Kirk’s dik-dik is the answer to this week’s Zoo & A.

Here are some other interesting facts from Paul about one of the smallest antelopes in the world:

Dik-diks do not need a water source. They get all their water from the vegetation they eat and some dew on the ground. This also protects them against predators since cheetahs, lions, hyenas all need a water source. 

Dik-diks hide and wait until a cheetah or predator is right about to eat them, then they jump up and over their predator and run in a zig zig line yelling out the dik-dik noise. They can run up to 26mph.

Their prehensile noses keep them cool. So when it’s hot in Africa (or 100 degrees in Little Rock) they’re comfortable. 

Peanut is 15 inches tall and 12 pounds. The Kudu (one of the tallest antelopes) is 5′ at its shoulders, for reference.

Peanut looks like a little fawn, but he is an antelope, not a deer. One key difference is deer have antlers and antelopes have horns. Antlers are grown and shed yearly. Horns are permanent and will not grow back if damaged.